One beautiful artist I found creates these stunning portraits using muted oil colours, and it’s honestly amazing. I love her work because it’s so delicate, it reminds me of ancient Chinese beauties and the romance of the 7 kingdoms, and her palette is BOMB, it’s so beautiful.
Miho Hirano is a Japanese artist I found on Instagram, her tag is @mihohiranoart and her website is hosted by Strikingly.  She has 253k followers upon writing.

I could spend these next few days trying to paint like her, or die trying (jk I wouldn’t wanna try to do anyone else’s style, but hers is so ethereal I actually want to try) 

Closeup of a larger canvas, the first painting that I saw and loved. The blushed eyelids remind me of the Peking Opera and traditional Asian makeup. Unrelated but it reminds me a little of the Japanese ‘igari’ (drunken) makeup style.

The thing that captures me the most about oil paintings or good acrylic paintings, are that they look SO MUCH like they could only be done in a digital format because of how crazily well these people blend the colours. It’s hard enough to create enough of one solid colour to cover the area you need, but what amkes a good painting is the direction of colour and it has to align with how much you intend to blur the colours together versus what actually happens on the paper – and her application is so delicate that it reminds me a little of the northern renaissance technique.

The composition is mesmerising. The gradient of light to dark really gives the painting a sense of grounding and not just ethereality.

Her characters look like babydolls with upturned noses and pronounced Cupid’s bowed lips, and the combination of nature gives this whole piece an asiatic fairytale vibe. Maybe it wouldn’t even seem Asian to me if the artist wasn’t Asian,but I feel like it would still retain that vibe. 

Another artist I’ll talk about (also Japanese) uses similar blushed colours and painting technique to create her pieces, and maybe writing about all of these will give me some peace in why I feel like most of the writers I like turn out to be Japanese/Asian without me even knowing in the first place. 

The colours and blending are delicate, like there’s a tree above her, shading her face and letting light fall. 
Even on such a small canvas, there’s so much detail that she manages to paint.

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